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Rug Hooking

The Pulling of Loop after Loop after Loop.

Using height, direction, color and technique to achieve the look you want

Hooked Creations NL is not about the perfection of rug hooking but rather the joy achieved in pulling loops. 

Here you will find inspiration to enjoy the journey of creating your mat. 

You will be encouraged to hook the various motifs in your pattern as you see them and not how others see and feel you should.   

It's ok to only see 'rose colored skies' 

2024 Workshops


Please note:  Unless specifically noted all workshops are suitable to anyone who has at least pulled loops and have a frame, hook and foundation fabric available to them. 

Times for workshops are in Newfoundland Standard Time (NST) which is 1.5 ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST)  (8 am EST is 930 am NST) and can be found within the Newsletter


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