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Through the simple process of pulling loops, Hooked Creations NL will not only introduce you to a participant friendly craft, we will also show you an alternative approach to achieving more overall personal wellness.



With any craft/art/hobby, research has shown the therapeutic benefits can be many. 


To name just a few of such benefits:

     Improvement of hand-brain coordination; sharpening the mind as color,

     direction, and methods are thought through;

     Creating something personally can enhance one’s self-esteem;

     The repetitive act of pulling loops is calming and enhances the mind's ability to focus

     thereby easing stress;       

     Helps smokers and those dealing with other forms of addiction;

     Provides opportunities for socialization.

What sets rug hooking apart from other crafts:


     It is a tactile craft;

     Only one stitch to learn;  

     Crosses genders;

     Requires no other skill;

     Can easily be learned by someone as young as seven;

     Patterns can be adjusted to fit the needs of the sight challenged.

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